What We Will Accomplish


"I decided to run for this position because our Party leadership can’t be accessible to just one type of leader. There’s room in this big tent for every one of us to step up and lead in our own way. I know I have the skills, experience, and vision to move our community forward in a sustainable way that not only speaks about our values, but demonstrates them."

Dyana Limon-Mercado

we will keep accessibility, equity, empowerment at the forefront:

By building upon our robust volunteer engagement program —  To ensure that it is diverse and accessible, and empowers a skilled community of volunteers to reach all corners of the county. 

By effectively coordinating amongst precinct chairs and community partners (including Democratic clubs) — So that we will maximize resources and voter outreach efforts, thus building a strong sense of camaraderie among stakeholders and leaders. 

By creating a leadership pipeline — So that volunteers and precinct chairs have an opportunity to learn new skills and the organization has an internal strategy to sustain leadership by those who are closest to the work and community. 



Build a party based on diversity and life experience

We must create a party culture that encourages new ideas, new voices, and new leaders. Our party is the party of diversity, and both our leadership and membership should reflect that.  Bringing together people of various backgrounds and life experiences generates new ideas and new approaches to problem solving. 

It's 2018! We are Democrats! We celebrate our differences. We need to step outside our bubble and stop creating spaces full of similar backgrounds that only reinforce the same ideas. We cannot win with fewer people. We need leadership that reflects the uniqueness of our party.

prioritize new approaches to fundraising.

We will diversify and stabilize our cashflow. We cannot rely so heavily on a handful of major donors. We need a strong base of grassroots and mid-level donors who give every month. 

Dyana's most recent fundraising report includes more than 200 individual donors; half of whom are people of color, two-thirds of whom are women, and two-thirds of whom are 45 years old or younger. More than 90% of donations came in online, largely in response to Facebook, email, and text messages.

We will build a strong Party infrastructure that truly represents who Travis County is today. Together, we will have the resources we need to ride the blue wave to victory. 

establish innovative voter contact campaigns 

We will use modern voter contact campaigns that are driven by face-to-face conversations and digital engagement, particularly to reach young people and those who are most likely to access their political information on mobile devices, like people of color. 

Dyana ran campaigns that reached 750,000 voters and have focused on reaching the lowest turnout Democrats, young people of color, and progressive voters in suburban communities.