Why Now

Together we can transform the Party from the inside out, from the grassroots up. We can build a Party as good as its promise and that truly represents who Travis County is today and who we want to be in the future.


If our Party wants to be a relevant voice among today’s voters and a powerful community partner, we need a person who can expand and unify our Party with a bold vision and new energy. Central Texas is one of the fastest growing areas in the country and Travis County has changed.  We need to build the strongest Party possible so we can ride the blue wave to victory in November, up and down the ballot. That means we need build a Party that reflects who Travis County is today and who we are going to be in the future -- not who we were 30 years ago. We can do better than the status quo.

When Ann Richards kicked the door open in Texas leadership for women, she was not just doing it for women like her and of her generation. She was doing it for all the women, people of color and other leaders that would come after her. We have seen that same commitment through Cecile Richards’ leadership, and the investment she’s made in me and leaders like me at Planned Parenthood, at Jolt Texas, and other organizations lifting up women of color.

Last year was a heck of year for marginalized communities. We have seen new leaders and new movements emerge that are being led by young people, people of color, and busy working people and parents. Some of the most active political and organizing groups we’ve seen this year have been the Circle C Area Democrats, Our Revolution, Lakeway Democrats, Austin DSA, Austin Justice Coalition, NetCo Dems, and Blue Action Southwest. We must represent and support these communities within the TCDP.

What Will Be Different

With a solid Party infrastructure, we will reestablish a strong brand for TCDP in our community, so voters, volunteers, community partners, donors, elected officials, candidates, and other stakeholders know TCDP means action -- we turn out Democratic voters, and we show up for our voters and the issues they care about.

That includes:

democrats at all levels

Electing Democrats at all levels, and potentially helping the Parties in adjacent counties to elect Democrats in strategic races that will also benefit Travis County families. 

Advocate progress

Advocating for progressive policies at all levels, and holding our officials accountable for upholding values. 

embrace differences

Welcoming new people, new ideas, and new voices to the table.